We invite you to make a donation of goods or services and attend our Decorate A Vet events  when we will be repairing and decorating more of our local veterans homes. Our goal is to raise money and to receive valuable donations of time, goods, and services to help our veterans who have helped us live freer lives.


Each year Decorate A Vet receives nominations and selects local veterans to be decorated. Prior to the decorating day, Decorate A Vet President and Founder Jeff Jones and his company, Classic Stonescaping and Gardens, do basic yard work and also provides small repairs and services. On the decorating day a team of volunteers comes and decorates the yard and house of the lucky veteran.


Decorate A Vet is able to assist our local veterans through the support of the generous donations that we receive every year. Every year, Decorate a Vet holds its annual fundraiser at Clare & Don’s Beach Shack, which is a fun and successful event. We also accept donations on this website.


In 2010 Decorate A Vet organized its Board of Directors, rallied many local volunteers, and garnered the support of several local business owners. We found four homes located in the Northern Virginia area selected by the VWF and raised enough funds and donations of services and materials to hold the 1st annual Decorate A Vet event.